Mobile Research Platform

MRP2 is offered to the users ready for programming with advanced features which incorporates all the features that a researcher can expect from a mobile robot platform.

The computer on the robot is easily accessible and software development can be done quickly. The robot can easily do mapping with its already available navigation software and can position itself on the map with a few centimeters accuracy. MRP2, with its powerful hardware and software infrastructure, enables users to make developments quickly and comfortably.

Key Features

ROS Ready

ROS is pre-installed and configured. Simulation model is ready for Gazebo. Supports Open Source.


You can choose and buy your MRP2 robot customized depending on your applications.

Full Perception

Can perceive its environment via different sensors like laser, ultrasonic, inertial sensors and cameras.

Compact & Robust Design

Has robust chassis design and can handle large payloads with its compact size.

Support & Training

We, as robot experts, are here to support your application even in your facility.


You can teleoperate the robot with a joystick.


Additional hardware can be mounted and integrated easily using mounting holes and connection ports.

Navigation Ready

Autonomous navigation package is configured and ready to use out-of-the-box.

Long Operation Time

Robot can operate 12 hours in normal usage without interrupting your research.

Technical Info

Dimensions 628 x 526 x 298 mm
Weight 24 kg
Maximum Payload 25 kg
Drive Differential
Motorized wheels 2
Caster wheels 4
Maximum Speed 1 m/s
Turning Radius 0 mm
Traversable Gap 20 mm
Traversable Sill 10 mm
Battery 24V Li-Ion
Capacity 20 Ah
Power Output 12V (2A, requlated), 24V (5A, unregulated)
Run Time 6-8 Hours
Charge Time 3 Hours
2D Distance SICK TIM510
Inertial 9-DOF IMU
Processor IntelĀ® i5 Broadwell
Memory 8 GB
Storage 120 GB SSD
Connection WiFi, USB
Interface 3x USB 3.0, 1x HDMI, 4x Digital Input, 4x Digital Output
Operating System Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
Middleware ROS Kinetic Kame


More Powerful PC

Have more processing power or storage area with upgraded PC choice.

Spare Battery

With spare battery you can continue your research without waiting for a recharge time.

2D/3D Camera and Mounting Hardware

Add vision capability to your MRP2 with compatible camera and mounting hardware.

SICK TIM551/561/571 LIDAR

Create better maps with LIDARs having more range and high precision.