Innovators Wanted to Elevate Robotics Positions!

Milvus Robotics is looking for bright minds who aren’t afraid to think outside the box.
The world of robotics is fast-paced and exciting. You never know what a workday may hold for you, but you know you won’t get bored!

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Working at Milvus Robotics

When you work at Milvus Robotics, you are contributing to a company that proudly designs and develops some of the most innovative and powerful Autonomous Mobile Robots in the world.

Our emphasis on safe and intelligent design is propelling the industry to bigger and better things. We help companies all over the world maximize productivity while keeping their employees and equipment safe.

At Milvus, you can be a part of this highly innovative community that’s ripe with potential. You’ll play a crucial role in advancing the use of artificial intelligence and other edge technologies.

Culture and Values

We take an experimental approach to our work. To produce cutting-edge results, we believe that employees must be given the space to exercise their most creative, unique ideas. Sometimes these ideas may not work out, but it’s all part of the process. We give employees constructive, helpful feedback so they can continue to grow.

We believe work should be fun! Employees do their best work when they are enjoying themselves. By fostering an environment that employees enjoy coming to each day, we are setting our employees up for success.


Take a look at all the benefits that await you at Milvus Robotics!

Health Benefits

Morale-boosting activities

Delicious & nutritious snacks

Employees first

Time off for birthdays

Travel opportunities

Knowledge-sharing community

Educational conferences

High-quality coffee



Employees are responsible for creating advanced solutions to the mechanical and electrical complexities of robot development.


Employees are focus on making our robots behave intelligently by writing code, developing user interfaces, and working out all the kinks in our systems


Employees in this department actually assemble the robots to make sure customers receive consistent, high-quality products.

Technical Support

When customers have questions about Milvus products, employees in this department provide them with answers and, as necessary, administer maintenance and repairs.


Employees ensure that Milvus Robotics is effectively marketing its products, managing projects, closing sales, properly managing its finances, and efficiently utilizing human capital.

To be the global leader in robotics,
we need the best of the best for employees.
When they succeed, we succeed!
Samil Ozden, CEO & Co-founder

Programs for Current Students
and New Graduates

At Milvus Robotics, we want to prepare students to be valuable contributors in the workplace tomorrow. Our programs for students and recent graduates give young people valuable insight into our industry and help prepare them for fulfilling careers. We do it all in a rich learning environment full of practical experience and the brightest minds in robotics.

Our internships range from eight to twelve weeks and provide every intern with invaluable real-world experience in their field of choice. Recent graduates will also have the option of a program specially designed for them.

We provide flexible part-time jobs for students wanting to work 10 to 20 hours a week.

We are happy to offer our expertise as a source for graduate students writing their theses, especially if they started at Milvus as part-time students or interns.

Job Openings

Below are the open robotics positions we currently have at Milvus. Check them out to see where your skills fit and how you can contribute to our company.

Full Time

Senior Front-End Developer

Ankara, Turkey

Job Details

Technical Support Specialist

Ankara, Turkey

Job Details

Marketing Specialist

Ankara, Turkey

Job Details

Robotics Software Engineer

Ankara, Turkey

Job Details

Graphic Designer

Ankara, Turkey

Job Details

DevOps Engineer

Ankara, Turkey

Job Details

Full Stack Developer

Ankara, Turkey

Job Details

Not seeing what you’re looking for right now?

Milvus Robotics is happy to accept unsolicited applications. Use the link below to submit your resume and we will keep you in mind for future openings.

How Our Recruitment Process Works

Our recruitment process is simple. We lay out all the details for applicants so you know exactly what to expect. It’s through these six simple steps that you can accomplish your dreams. Here’s how it works:

  • 1
    You submit your application.
  • 2
    We call or email you to schedule an interview.
  • 3
    We interview you for the first time.
  • 4
    You complete an assessment.
  • 5
    You meet your future team and complete your final interview.
  • 6
    We offer you your dream job! 🎉