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Milvus Robotics is mission-driven.
Milvus Robotics is on a mission to bridge the gap between robotics and commercial viability. We aspire to create meaningful, innovative robots that make people’s lives easier and help industries thrive.

A bright vision for a brighter future.
We see bright possibilities of a world where both humans and robots join forces to challenge what’s possible and uncover limitless opportunities. Through automation, we envision a world where people and businesses can reap the rewards of efficiency and growth every day.

Passion is our philosophy for all that we do.
Founded in 2011, Milvus Robotics is applying the technological potential of autonomy, mobile robots and artificial intelligence across industries to improve production, operations and time to market. Milvus Robotics is proud to develop high-quality robots that see, reason and act to meet business and societal needs.

We have consistently made high-quality, advanced mobile robots accessible to a myriad of markets: manufacturing, marketing and research industries. Our robots are designed to work independently alongside human workers - offering an uninterrupted experience while maximizing profit, maintaining production quality, reducing risk and creating new and sustainable business solutions.

Our philosophy is rooted in three simple principles: user-focus, meaningful innovation and quality. Wrapped around these principles is excellent customer service at every stage.

  • User-focus. Our innovations start with identifying your needs and challenges, and then creating sustainable business solutions to meet your growth and productivity objectives.
  • Meaningful innovation. Our portfolio serves a direct business need and purpose. We are proud to choose initiatives that advance human productivity and well-being.
  • High-quality. We have a robust set of quality standards so that every solution that we develop provides the best user experience possible.

The people and brain power behind our robots.
Milvus Robotics was founded in 2011 when four college friends shared a genuine passion and curiosity for robotics. To this day, it’s this same passion and curiosity that has served as the secret to our success.

Since our origins, we’ve grown to represent a team of brilliant people who come from various industries, backgrounds and expertise working together on some of the most exciting challenges in robotics and AI. We invite you to learn more about us and consider bringing your own passion to our team.

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