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Transform your intralogistics environment by using autonomous mobile robots from Milvus Robotics. We empower your business to become the safest, most productive, and most efficient it’s ever been! There’s no better way to scale your operation in our modern world.

Comprehensive Range of Automation Solutions

Streamline material handling using our full range of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that can safely handle payloads up to 1500 kg and offered with different attachments for different application needs. When you want to cut costs and maximize efficiency, using AMRs is the way to go.

SEIT 100
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SEIT 500
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SEIT 1500
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Find the right SEIT AMRs for your needs.

Milvus Fleet Manager, fleet management system for autonomous mobile robots

The Milvus Advantage

There are so many benefits to utilizing robots. We ensure that every inch of your facility is being appropriately utilized. You can make the most of your space and your budget. AMRs help you scale faster, work safer, and decide smarter! The return on your investment is obvious.

Scale Faster

Scale Faster

Work Safer

Work Safer

Decide Smarter

Decide Smarter

Trusted Companies Trust Milvus

When you choose our SEIT robots, you’re in good hands! Check out the many other reputable businesses that utilize our robots to get the job done. We’re proud to be a trusted part of their intralogistics operations!

...and many more!

12 Ways Companies are Automating Workflows with Mobile Robots

One of the most appealing features of AMRs is their ability to complete various different tasks and navigate virtually any environment. They are flexible and adaptable – allowing for a wide variety of use cases in distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Here are some of the most common use cases for AMRs across a variety of industries.

Milvus Robotics Celebrates 10th Year in Business

Apr 21, 2021  Company News

Today, Milvus Robotics is pleased to announce and celebrate our 10th year in business. While it certainly doesn’t feel possible that a decade has flown by so quickly, we are tremendously proud of the work we have done, the partnerships we have made, and the innovation we have brought into the world of robotics and autonomous systems worldwide.