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Cutting-edge UV Disinfectant

SEIT-UV was developed specifically to prevent and reduce the spread of infectious diseases, viruses and germs. The state-of-the-art technology is clinically tested and verified by accredited universities, research labs and hospitals that it kills 99.99% of germs.


Mapping-based navigation

Mapping-based navigation

Deploy quickly without infrastructure investments or interruption to business operations. Robots navigate seamlessly without a need for physical markers, such as markers, magnets, beacons and more.

Uniform disinfection

Uniform Disinfection

Optimize targeted doses of UV-C light by defining stopping points. This cleans all sized surfaces - both easily accessible and non-easily accessible.

Communication with elevators

External Communications

Robots communicate with doors and elevators, and can move across floors. This means robots can operate independently and the interface allows them to move freely without human intervention.

Motion detection

Motion Detection

Each robot is equipped with a camera that offers broad visibility to avoid obstacles while navigating. Also, when humans are detected in its vicinity, robots disengage UV-C light to avoid human contact

Automatic charging

Automatic Charging

SEIT-UV robots have strong endurance. Robots autonomously move to their designated charging area to recharge itself and ensure continuous operation.

Operator safety approval

Operator Safety Approval

SEIT-UV robots have a programmable operator approval for added safety. This additional security layer gives operators peace of mind that UV-C light is only activated intentionally, and not by error.

Technical Specifications
UV Wavelength 254 nm (UV-C)
UV Coverage Area 360 degree
Disinfection Time 10 minutes (~25 m2 area)
Maximum Speed 1.5 m/s
Total Weight 120 kg
Operation Time 3 hours
Charge Time 3 hours
Communication Wi-Fi (Wireless)
Safety Features 2D LIDAR
3D Camera
Emergency Stop Buttons
Indicator Led Lights