UV Disinfection Robot

Introducing mobile robots to hospitals and healthcare facilities can revolutionize the cleaning process in these establishments. An autonomous robot, complete with a UV-C light affixed to the top, can disinfect rooms in an instant and is the perfect way for healthcare facilities to ensure that environments are sterile and free from any potentially harmful microorganisms.

Since the global outbreak of COVID-19, UV disinfection robots have been in high demand in healthcare facilities around the world. Using an autonomous mobile system is the most ideal way of ensuring that every room in a healthcare facility or hospital meets strict hygiene standards, as they have the ability to cover all major surfaces. When compared with stationary products, the robot really demonstrates its worth. It’s an intuitive means of ensuring that surfaces are free of viruses and bacteria. The robot emits just the right amount of UV-C light and, in an average-sized room, can kill approximately 99.99% of viruses and bacteria within ten minutes - the perfect cleaning option for busy healthcare facilities.

The robot is an effective and safe means of cleaning that is suited for operation by itself. If someone enters the room while the robot is active, it will automatically disengage its light to ensure the safety of any nearby people.

The time and money that this robot saves in the long-term is immeasurable. Staff order the robot via an application. The robot then makes its way to the room in which the staff are located - it’s able to take elevators by itself. Once the robot has entered the room, staff complete a security checklist and leave the robot to clean the room. The robot will then notify staff that cleaning is complete via the app before returning itself to storage, ready for the next member of staff to call upon its services.

Technical Specifications
UV Wavelength 254 nm (UV-C)
UV Coverage Area 360 degree
Disinfection Time 10 minutes (~25 m2 area)
Maximum Speed 1.5 m/s
Total Weight 120 kg
Operation Time 3 hours
Charge Time 3 hours
Communication Wi-Fi (Wireless)
Safety Features 2D LIDAR
3D Camera
Emergency Stop Buttons
Indicator Led Lights