Robots fight the good fight against COVID-19 with UV-C Light

SEIT-UV, an autonomous UV-C disinfection robot

The world in many ways has come to a screeching halt. 'States of emergency' have been declared worldwide. As businesses close to help prevent transmission of COVID-19, financial concerns, tele-work and job losses are the first human impacts of the virus. The cost to the economy? $1 trillion according to the World Economic Forum, which will need to be recovered through creative use of technology.

Mobile robots to the rescue
To combat the COVID-19 pandemic, mobile robots are filling the gaps that social distancing, remote work and staffing shortages are leaving behind across healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain and more. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are increasingly relying on autonomous mobile robots for the effective identification and mitigation of germs to ensure the health and safety of staff and patients. These robots move independently around patient rooms and operating theatres, deploying a targeted amount of UV-C light to kill viruses and bacteria within a short timeframe. The benefits?

  • More targeted coverage than traditional disinfection methods
  • Save time & money with reduced labor and chemical costs
  • No-contact application reduces peer-to-peer spread of infection
  • Reduces cross-contamination and spread of viruses

Meet SEIT-UV: Our proprietary autonomous mobile platform for UV disinfection
We partner closely with healthcare organizations and government agencies to develop creative technology solutions that limit the effects of this pandemic. One of these solutions is SEIT-UV, an autonomous mobile platform with ultraviolet light to mitigate the spread of infection. SEIT-UV is equipped with 360°-degree disinfection coverage, software and sensor-based safety features, and Wi-Fi connectivity with an easy-to-use control panel. Safe and reliable, the robot is user friendly and is designed to be operated by cleaning staff.

Mobile robots limit business disruption during crises
Mobile robots are paving the way for great progress in healthcare, but this same level of efficiency and safety is required in manufacturing and supply chain. Given staffing shortages and the requirement to meet safety standards, mobile robots prevent business disruption and allow manufacturers to operate business as usual on a daily basis, despite telecommuting. As Milvus Robotics, we believe telecommuting and efficiency don’t have to be a tradeoff and we are proud that global companies rely on our autonomous mobile robots to keep their businesses running safely and efficiently.

Today’s use of robots set the pace for the future
In today’s world, reliance on conventional methods is no longer good enough. Unfortunately, this will not be the last global pandemic to impact our economies, lifestyles and businesses; however, we can be sure that technology and innovative application of robots today will make us more prepared for the future.

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