Milvus Robotics Introduces New Series as the Safest AMRs on the Market

May 31, 2021

With extended safety features and increased navigational performance, the new SEIT500-S and SEIT1500-S autonomous mobile robots offer effortless material handling.

Atlanta, GA - May 31, 2021 -- As a successor to its previous SEIT series (SEIT500 and SEIT1500), Milvus Robotics is now offering advanced safety with the new S-series of SEIT robots: SEIT500-S and SEIT1500-S. These AMRs provide all of the features of the earlier series, but with upgraded sensing features including multiple cameras, the latest LiDAR technology, and millimeter-level alignment precision.

Equipped with 360-degree, full-circumferential LiDAR scanning and 5 specially-placed built-in 3D cameras, this AMR offers increased perception and environmentally-aware maneuvering capabilities. It can detect objects from any direction, including obstacles close to the floor and obstruction risks at the load level. Overhanging objects, legged structures, pallets, foot structures, and other obstacles are detected with precision so that the robot can navigate around them.

These features allow for improved navigation and a higher level of reliability under changing environmental conditions. As people move through the robot’s workspace and new obstacles are introduced, the robot will continue to safely and efficiently carry its load to its destination.

A new repeatable alignment feature offers millimeter-level precision using image-based detection. Optionally, an additional second-layer safety LiDAR scanning system can be included for extra-low-level sensing. This option allows advanced obstacle sensing less than 10 cm from ground level.

Like Milvus Robotics’ other AMRs, this series is powered by a long-lasting, low-maintenance swappable battery system. The SEIT S-series allows for fast battery swapping, easy serviceability, and 24/7 operation with no downtime for charging. Minimal human interaction is needed. Additionally, the robust brushless drive system allows for minimal maintenance and a long lifespan. Its compact footprint and slim design (30cm height) allows for flexible integration into any manufacturing or warehouse facility.

In the future, Milvus Robotics plans to release the SEIT500-X and SEIT1500-X, which will feature omnidirectional movement capability for flexibility and accuracy. The X series will be the ideal fit for precision-needed applications where highly flexible maneuvering in tight spaces is needed – for example, a collaborative robotic arm integrated mobile manipulator.

About Milvus Robotics

Since 2011, Milvus Robotics has been making high-quality, advanced mobile robots accessible to the manufacturing industry and beyond. Milvus Robotics bridges the gap between robotics and commercial viability with its flexible autonomous mobile robots. Its material handling solutions are deployed in leading manufacturing centers around the world, allowing for increased safety, efficiency, and productivity in warehouses and production facilities.

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