Job Openings

Robotics Software Engineer

As Robotics Software Engineer, you'll be mostly developing navigation and path planning algorithms in ROS with C++. You will also deal with recent perception technologies and their implementation. You will develop systems and algorithms to make our robots service flawlessly in factory floor.

What We Require

  • BS degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science or related field
  • Practical and theoretical knowledge of state estimation, modern navigation and path planning techniques and algorithms.
  • Extensive experience with the Robot Operating System (ROS).
  • Strong software development skills (C, C++ preferred)
  • Proficiency with Linux
  • Fluency in English
  • Ability to support robots in the wild

What We Prefer

  • Experience with Git and GitHub.
  • Experience with CMake, Docker, and other build and deployment techniques.
  • Experience in computer vision and machine learning
  • Experience with Gazebo and PCL
  • Experience with recent Ubuntu distros.
  • MS, Ph.D degree in Computer Engineering/Science or related field
  • Experience reading and implementing published research
  • Hands-on experience with autonomous systems
To apply, please send your resume and cover letter by email to: hr@milvusrobotics.com