Why the Future of Robotics is Good for Business

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Whether you’re browsing the web, listening to the radio, or watching TV, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of hype about how robots will change our future. The fear and uncertainty of automation is nothing new. In the 19th century, there was a group of English textile workers known as the Luddites who famously protested the adoption of such technology. They went as far as burning cotton mills and damaging other pieces of equipment that they believed would replace human labor.

Many of the Luddite fears proved futile. These technologies were adopted, and society is better for it. Today, the news on robotics tends to focus on the negative, but that does a great disservice to all the benefits of utilizing robots. Let’s take a look at how the future of robotics is bright for people and businesses alike.

Robots are Creating Jobs, Not Killing Them

The main concern that many people have about robots is that they will replace human laborers. While robots can take over certain jobs, they allow the people who previously had those jobs to use their talents elsewhere. For example, when robots can take care of tasks like machining, jobs that involve 3D printing and 3D manufacturing are created. The process doesn’t necessarily happen right away, but it does happen. In this way, robots create opportunities!

You can also see how collaborative robot arms have created jobs in the automotive industry. And not just any jobs—high-paying jobs! For example, over a seven-year period when Linamar Corporation in Canada adopted these robots, employment actually increased by nearly 40%, and payroll increased by 60%!

Robotics Free Up People for More Stimulating Work

Many people have work schedules that are weighed down by repetitive, mundane tasks. When anyone is assigned too many of these responsibilities, they won’t feel mentally stimulated or fulfilled by their job. These types of tasks are necessary but they don’t add much value to an organization. That makes them the perfect tasks for robots to take on! When robots are taking care of these tasks, more employees are free to contribute in a meaningful way to their organization.

Maximum Productivity is Possible Without People Sacrificing Their Wellbeing

Robots are generally able to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can continue operating at full capacity without breaks, meals, or sleep. So, when an organization is appropriately utilizing robot labor, workers are able to get the rest they need to function at top capacity. Industrial robots maximize productivity without people having to sacrifice their wellbeing. And maximum productivity leads to maximum profits!

Robots are a tool for expansion. They help businesses tap into their full potential and expand further than they thought possible.

Businesses Can Meet Customer Needs Faster

It’s no secret that society is becoming increasingly impatient. We want our Wi-Fi to be quicker, our food to be prepared faster, and so one. A lot of these on-demand needs simply cannot be met when businesses are relying on human labor alone.

Take customer service as an example. Although chatbots can’t meet all customer needs, they certainly provide fast responses to basic customer inquiries. This frees up your employees to handle the more complex questions. When you have a system in place that separates complex and simple questions rather than lumping them all together, you are maximizing efficiency.

Robots are Necessary for Advancement

When you take a broader look at how the future of robotics affects societies and industries around the world, you’ll see just how important innovative tech is. Investing in technology has always been essential for businesses and even countries that want to thrive on a global scale. Those who refuse to adopt robots are destined to fall behind in advancing innovation.

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