Remote Deployment

Remote Services for Deploying, Training, and Maintenance of AMRs

No matter what is going on in the world, manufacturing and warehouse facilities still need to transport and deliver materials. Efficient material flow is just as important as ever, if not more so. AMRs have the ability to create safer, more socially-distanced work environments while improving flexibility and product cycles.

In the past, onsite deployment of AMRs was the norm. Milvus Robotics regularly sent experts to meet with customers and deploy, train, and maintain robots in person. However, due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and safety procedures, it has become difficult to make plans for onsite deployment, employee training, and maintenance services.

That’s why we have developed planned procedures and custom tools to reduce time to market and make remote deployment effortless for everyone involved. These services extend beyond deployment and include detailed remote training, maintenance, and repair services. Your organization will gain the immediate benefits of autonomous material handling solutions.

SEIT500, Autonomous Mobile Robot

How Remote Deployment Works

With our remote deployment services, we can facilitate setup and training without any onsite human interaction from our team. We will still be here to support you at every step of the way, but we will work together online from a remote location to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

1. Design Your Milvus Robotics Solution

First, you will work with our engineers to design an AMR solution that is tailored to your facility’s needs. We will consider your KPI targets, facility layout, workflows, and more while communicating consistently with your team to ensure the ideal solution. We have three robot models for different payloads and multiple top attachments available so we can customize a fleet to your specific needs. Once the solution has been determined and approved, we will prepare your robots and attachments for delivery.

2. Receive Everything You Need to Deploy AMRs Remotely

Once your fleet is ready, we will ship the physical equipment to you while also providing you with all the online support you need. You will get a dedicated Milvus team member who is available for ongoing video-conferencing support, along with step-by-step guides and training materials. You will have access to live virtual training, where you can ask questions and learn everything you need to know for successful deployment of your Milvus fleet.

3. Get Consistent Support to Keep Everything Moving

Our team is here to empower you each step of the way, allowing for a successful and streamlined deployment process. If issues arise, we are here to help. We provide ongoing and extensive remote support, in addition to individualized training that empowers your team to confidently diagnose and troubleshoot deployment.

Milvus Robotics Makes Autonomous Material Handling Easy

Don’t wait to get your Milvus fleet into operation. With remote deployment, you can have a fully autonomous material handling fleet installed and deployed without worrying about global travel restrictions and social distancing procedures.