About Us

Founded in 2011, Milvus Robotics is composed of experts from different backgrounds yet envision the same goal - deploying robotic technology in human environments in a more practical, accessible and beneficial fashion than ever.

What has started as four friends curiously tinkering around robots in Middle East Technical University has evolved into a professional environment with decisive, confident and innovative solutions. Since 2011, we have worked with many of top corporations to design and develop robotics systems that enabled them to grow their businesses and become more efficient.

As a company borne out of passion over 5 years ago with an emphasis on providing helps and solutions to improving manufacturers’ productivity, product quality and worker safety; today, Milvus Robotics is one of the leading developers and producers of industrial robotics, and it offers a wide range of high quality, advanced robotics systems for the manufacturing, marketing and research industries.

As a company that is focused on developing new technology for the quickly growing robotic industry, an industry with applications in myriad markets, we are here to provide you with exceptional access to robotics. Our robots are designed to work independently alongside human workers, so we make sure that our autonomous units will give people the assistance they need without any disruption to their normal routine whilst maximizing уоur profit, maintaining production quality, reducing risk and taking your organization to the next level.

The business has grown through the years, yet we have maintained our focus on quality work and kept the original vision and mission of the early days. Customer service excellence, and creating a respectful and productive dialogue through listening and understanding them is the spirit of our company. And it is this spirit that helps us create new and sustainable business solutions.