Smart Advertisement and Service Robot

Robin is a smart service robot that provides an innovative, responsive and effective way of disseminating and transferring information.

But perhaps Robin’s most charming quality lies in its flexibility – both in form and content as a customizable, vibrant and mobile information hub.

Robin’s mobility allows it to wander around safely and interact with people as desired. Its autonomous movement effectively eliminates the need for an operator whilst allowing Robin to bypass any physical barriers that may be in its path and setting precedence for seamless and dynamic movement through spaces. Robin utilizes artificial intelligence to structure its movement and for data collection processes.


Use Cases


Multifarious qualities of Robin render it a perfect candidate to serve as a mobile advertisement platform. Robin’s movement capacity, combined with its dashing looks will draw in the covetable attention so dire to advertising. Robin can constantly be in motion, repositioning itself accordingly for the desired level of display. Moreover, mobility by itself not just increases the intensity of exposure, let’s say in comparison to an old-school static advert. With the help of Robin’s data gathering and tracking, it will also increase the quality of the exposure – furthering the reach of any marketing campaign. This also proves Robin to be quite indispensable for personal advertisements by targeting specific individuals in the form of age groups or gender, thereof allowing for a targeted marketing strategy that has a personalized touch, which yields increased sales and brand awareness. In a sector that is undergoing constant change and technological advancement, Robin not only reinvents the mode of advertising, promoting products and services, but also invigorates the relationship between the advert and the audience.

Guidance and Information Services

Primarily an advertisement robot, Robin can also be used in guidance where it can target potential clients and have an effective referral process that is both interactive and direction oriented. With the audio-visual interaction, this smart service platform can contact authorized personnel to handle the queries that clients may have. Moreover, since it can be effectuated like a smart, mobile and responsive KIOSK; Robin’s scope can be vastly extended. A Robin tour at the museum or an art gallery is not unlikely, as this robotics solution is viable for moving groups of people from location to location while playing preset video and audio content. It can be used in a library, a touristic attraction or a hotel to provide information and further interact with people to assist. Spaces of information and information of spaces, become more attractive and accessible than ever with Robin.

Interactive Data Collection

With its mobile nature and interaction capability, Robin can associate with the target market and users; group and sort the data collected on the niche audience whilst keeping track of the active followers. This form of an organized data stream is quite crucial and helpful to make the required customizations for improve marketing and appeal to the customers and potential clients. Furthermore, Robin’s data management also lends itself to any type of demographic inquiry and research in a useful fashion whether it’s located in a hospital, a mall or an airport.